Technical Bulletin on Food Safety of Edible Flower

Technical Bulletin on Food Safety of Edible Flower

Are edible flowers safe to consume?

Yes, edible flowers are generally safe to eat for normal healthy individuals.However, care should be observed since some edible flowers can cause allergic reactions.

Edible flowers are becoming popular not only for their aesthetic purpose but because they also contain beneficial compounds. Studies show that there is a wide range of bioactive substances that can be found in edible flowers. Among these are phenolic compounds, carotenoids, flavonols, etc. 

Aside from its allergenic properties, edible flowers may also be microbiologically contaminated by pathogenic bacteria or chemical compounds such as herbicides, insecticides, and other harmful compounds.  It is recommended that natural ingredients like edible flowers should be cleaned and sanitized properly to remove physical hazards and prevent the growth of microbiological hazards.  

To learn more about edible flowers, their health benefits and steps to ensure that these are safe for human consumption, access our Technical Bulletin for the Food Safety of Edible Flowers through