Cassava and its many uses

Cassava and its many uses

November 17, 2022.  In the Philippines, cassava is generally processed into food items such as dried chips and native pastries like suman, bibingka and sago.  Starch from processed cassava is used in biscuit making or as a sweetening agent in confectioneries.

Cassava is mainly cultivated for its starchy roots which can be further processed to produce a variety of food  like the tapioca starch, animal feeds, and industrial products like fuel.

In June 2022, The Board of Investments (BOI) announced that a Korean firm is investing  PHP756.24 million for a  tapioca starch manufacturing facility in Tagaloan, Misamis Oriental. This Project will benefit the local cassava farmers and will open a lot of opportunities for the cassava industry. Former DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez said that this project is “making strides in modernizing our country’s agriculture sector.”

Acknowledging the significant contributions of cassava in the agriculture industry, the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards (BAFS) released three (3) posters on cassava.  The posters cover the sweet cassava grading and classification and dried cassava chips, granules and grates for food, feed, and industrial use.

To view or download  Cassava-related PNS and knowledge products, visit the BAFS website at ###