Tranparency Seal

National Budget Circular 542, issued by the Department of Budget and Management on August 29, 2012, reiterates compliance with Section 93 of the General Appropriations Act of FY 2012. Section 93 is the Transparency Seal provision.


I. Agency's Mandate, Vision, Mission and List of Officials
  1. The agency's mandates and functions
  2. Position, designation, and contact information
II. Annual Financial Reports
  1. Physical Targets and Accomplishments :
  2. Financial Reports:
  3. Financial Statements :
III. DBM Approved Budget and Targets
  1. Approved Budget
IV. Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries, and Status of Implementation
  1. Major Programs and Projects Categorized in Accordance with E.O. No. 43, s.2011
  2. Program / Project Beneficiaries and Status of Implementation
V. Annual Procurement Plan
  1. Contract Awarded, and Name of Contractors / Suppliers / Consultations
VI. Quality Management System Certified by international certifying body
  1. ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  2. Quality Policy