Visual Guides towards MAISaganang Ani

Visual Guides towards MAISaganang Ani

December 05, 2022. As part of its standards promotion activities, the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards (BAFS) released two Illustrative Guides (IG) for Philippine National Standards (PNS) related to corn.

The IG of the PNS for Grains - Grading and classification - Corn (PNS/BAFS 10:2017) and PNS for Corn (maize) grits - Grading and classification (PNS/BAFS 15:2018) serve as supplementary learning materials to provide visualization to the provisions of the standards.

With these IGs, the Bureau aims to facilitate food safety and quality assurance in shelled corn and corn grits as part of our contribution to the global competitiveness of Philippine corn food and feed products.

In his first meeting as the Department of Agriculture Secretary, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. directed that there should be an immediate course of action to ensure a sufficient food supply of primary commodities, such as corn, in the country. “The immediate one is rice, corn, food supply for the rest of the year, number one,” he said.

Considered the second most important crop in the Philippines, corn is one of the significant sources of livelihood for farmers, transporters, processors, and agri-input suppliers.

To know more, you can download these IGs and other knowledge products, visit the BAFS website at ###