Technical Services Division

Technical Services Division

The Technical Services Division (TSD) is responsible for promoting the adoption of developed Philippine National Standards (PNS) to increase the conformance with food safety and quality standards of relevant stakeholders, thereby ensuring consumer safety and global competitiveness of Philippine agriculture and fishery products and machinery.

In particular, the Division organizes, creates, uses, and shares knowledge and information and endorses policy recommendations related to PNS. The PNS are adopted and implemented by the Department of Agriculture (DA) Regulatory Agencies, Regional Field Offices (RFO), and partner agencies through the following:

  1. Technical regulations - through regulations
  2. Knowledge products and Learning and Development activities

The PNS are also used by the Office of the Undersecretary for Policy, Planning, and Regulations, and relevant DA bureaus and agencies as the basis for policy recommendations and development of position papers related to food safety and quality.

The TSD is managing the quality management system of the Bureau and its certification to ISO 9001:2015 standard. This includes compliance to different statutory and regulatory requirements including data privacy and archiving of documents.

Major functions

Standards Knowledge Management (SKM) Section
The SKM Section is responsible for developing strategies and innovations to gather, process, disseminate, share, and utilize data and information to enable the widespread adoption and implementation of the PNS. The major activities of the SKM Section are the development KP and the conduct of L&D activities. The SKM Section is also responsible for monitoring and evaluating various tools used in PNS promotion, such as social media and the Bureau’s website. The assessment results will be the basis of the development of strategies and innovations in promoting the adoption of PNS.

Standards Policy Recommendation (SPR) Section
The SPR Section is responsible for developing policy recommendations related to the use of PNS in technical regulations/SPS measures, facilitating trade, and proposed legislation. The Section assesses the impact of the PNS on consumer safety and trade (including market access) when they are adopted as technical regulations and used for the development of knowledge products and in the conduct of L&D activities. Based on the impact evaluation, policy recommendations are endorsed to relevant offices for their appropriate action and/or used to improve the standards research, development, and promotion within BAFS.