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Assistant Director Mary Grace Mandigma's Closing Remarks during the BAFS 22nd founding anniversary opening ceremony

By BAFS_ADMIN| Dec 10, 2020 | 2334 Views

Good morning everyone

Let me start this segment with a little story. You see when we were finalizing the program, my new boss told me, "o closing ikaw na yan. Kaya mo na yan".

It brought me back to how we were able to adapt, execute our activities and learn this year. Kaya mo yan. Those were the words we often used. Those words were our oxygen. Pulling each other up. Learning together and from each other. Together we believed that we can do it. And we did.

As you saw in our milestones. Together with you, our stakeholders, we were able to pull it off this year. Amidst challenges.

Together with you, we saw the silver lining. That there is opportunity in all the challenges. And that there is another way on how we can be of service to you. And be relevant.

As we have been inspired by you, this 2021 we will be full gear in offering yet another platform
The BAFS online academy. Roll VTR

Sa taong 2021 we remain true and steadfast in our commitment #walangiwanan.

As Martin Luther king once said, take the first faith,, you don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step. ,," And we believe that this is what we are doing..with you alongside us.

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