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One man’s refuse is another man’s food

By Aubrey Katreena L. Ramos, Technical Services Division| Nov 03, 2022 | 818 Views

In many countries, offals are considered refuse and are commonly thrown out. For most Filipinos, offal is an essential ingredient of many savory dishes.  Sisig, bopis, batchoy and isaw are some of the popular Filipino dishes that use edible offal as the main ingredient.

Recognizing this commodity’s importance for Filipinos, the Bureau developed the Philippine National Standard (PNS) for Edible Offal.  The PNS defines edible offal as the edible viscera (internal organs, glands, and issues), extremities, and other by-products that are separated from the carcass of swine, and which are heads and cuts, feet/trotters, tail, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, throat, esophagus diaphragm, skin, pancreas, stomach, intestine, and the reproductive organs.

To help you identify the commonly available pork offal in the market for human consumption, BAFS developed an infographic available for download at ###

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