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Hygiene measures for meat further explained

By Katrina L. Mamina, Technical Services Division| Jul 27, 2022 | 527 Views

June 29, 2022.  Stakeholders and other interested individuals may better understand the requirements stated in the Philippine National Standard (PNS) Code of Hygienic Practice (COHP) for Meat as the Bureau released an Explanatory Manual (EM) that offers supplemental information through explanatory notes. 

One of the Bureau's top priorities this year is to promote the standards to increase appreciation of the Philippine National Standard. The EM, which covers hygiene measures for fresh meat and meat preparations from the farm of origin up to the point of distribution, including the preslaughter, slaughter, and post-slaughter handling of meat, is one of the informative materials the Bureau created.

Director Mamaril shared in his message, “Through this Manual, we also aim to support the Department of Agriculture's initiatives in strengthening the meat industry.”

As the Bureau keeps on developing science-based and globally harmonized standards, it also began to strengthen its promotion activities on developed standards to boost its adoption.###

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