Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards

"...ensure consumer safety and promote competitiveness of Philippines agriculture and fishery products."

Technical Bulletins


    Date Published: 2022-10-11


  • Safety of Black Soldier Fly as an Alternative Source of Protein for Feeds

    Date Published: 2022-07-14


  • Histamine in Fish (Scombroid Poisoning)

    Date Published: 2022-06-23


  • Food Safety in Urban Gardening

    Date Published: 2022-04-08


  • Frozen Meat Safety and Quality

    Date Published: 2021-12-28

    Meat when sold in market outlets is usually either fresh or frozen. Since meat stored at frozen temperature is safe almost indefinitely, mishandling during storage and thawing may still cause adverse health effects in humans. In order to guide producers, retailers, and consumers in proper handling of frozen meat and in making informed decisions, this Technical Bulletin aims to discuss food safety and quality concerns on frozen meat.

  • Ensuring the Safety and Quality of Copra

    Date Published: 2022-01-03


  • Melanosis in Shrimp/Prawn

    Date Published: 2021-08-17

    Shrimps and prawns with melanosis or blackspots do not pose food safety hazards to consumers. This, however, has a negative impact on its perceived quality, resulting in a decrease in market value, and on the income of fisherfolk. In line with this, the technical bulletin provides information on the general description of the melanosis in shrimps/prawns, factors influencing the rate of melanosis, its adverse health effect in humans, and the mitigation measures - non-chemical methods and chemical methods to prevent its occurrence.

  • Avian Influenza

    Date Published: 2021-07-01

    Recently, China reported its first human case of a new strain of avian flu. Through its quick response, the Philippines through the Department of Agriculture, has successfully eradicated its avian infuenza subtype A H5N6 in January 2021. This technical bulletin briefly explains the avian influenza and its public health concerns. The document also identifies useful interventions to mitigate the risk associated with the virus.

  • Technical Bulletin 2019

    ISSN Number: 2714-1982

    Technical Bulletin is an annual publication developed by the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards addressing consumers' perception on food-safety related issues of agricultural and fishery products.

  • Use of Dishwashing Detergent in Washing Fruits and Vegetables

    Date Published: 2020-03-30

    Many people use tap water and detergent when washing fruits and vegetables. However, other compounds are deemed safer to be used such as vinegar, chlorine solution, dish detergent and commercial cleaning solution in washing produce before preparation or consumption as their sanitation treatments. This Technical Bulletin discusses the hazards of using dishwashing detergent in fruits and vegetables as well as the recommended ways of washing them.

  • Food Safety Concerns of Volcanic Ash fall on Water and Agricultural and Fishery Commodities from the Areas Affected by the Taal Volcano Eruption

    Date Published: 2020-01-23

    On January 12, 2020, Taal Volcano erupted spewing plumes of smoke and ashes affecting many areas. The emission of massive volcanic ash affected not only the fisheries found in Taal Lake but also crops and livestock in the nearby towns. This Technical Bulletin identifies and characterizes food hazards of volcanic ash and applicable food safety mitigation measures.

  • Formalin-Tainted Galunggong

    Date Published: 2019-12-01

    In August 2018, a fisher folk group claimed that one of the sources of imported galunggong imports uses formalin to preserve fish harvests. This Technical Bulletin identifies the adverse health effect of formalin and ways on risk mitigation.

  • Bukbok-Infested Rice

    Date Published: 2019-12-01

    In August 2018, at least 330,000 sacks of imported milled rice were reported to be infested with bukbok or weevil. The Bureau of Plant Industry - Plant Quarantine Services through the National Food Authority said that the rice will be fumigated to combat the pest while assuring the public that it is safe for consumption specifically if washed before cooking. This Technical Bulletin discusses the health and food hazards of weevils as well as the applicable risk mitigation measures.

  • African Swine Fever

    Date Published: 2019-12-01

    On August 3, 2018, the first African Swine Fever (ASF) case in Asia was reported in China, causing worries to the local hog raisers of the country. Swill feeding was identified to be related to the 62% of the first 21 ASF cases in China. This Technical Bulletin discusses the basic characteristics of ASF virus and possible mitigating measures to help prevent and/or control its spread in the country