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Orientation Seminar for the Technical Working Group (TWG) Members involved in the Development of Philippine National Standards (PNS) for the Agri-Fishery Sectors

By Kristel Alarice R. Aborido, Standards Development Division| Apr 13, 2021 | 2548 Views

March 23, 2021 – Quezon City. The Standards Development Division (SDD) held a 1-day Orientation Seminar for the new TWG members involved in the development of PNS for agriculture and fishery products, tools, machinery, equipment, and structures including Halal and organic agriculture. The activity was designed to orient new TWG members on the basic principles, concepts, processes, and procedures on the development of BAFS PNS; the functions, roles and responsibilities of the TWG; and how PNS are adopted and promoted. The orientation-seminar was attended by 40 new members of the TWG from agri-fishery sectors particularly the relevant government regulatory agencies (9), academic/research institutions (11), non-government organizations (4), and private stakeholders (16).

The Orientation Seminar was spearheaded by SDD Chief Ms. Karen Kristine Roscom and supported by all SDD project managers. The 1-day orientation seminar also served as the venue to launch the BAFS PNS Online Commenting System (OCS).

Armed with the objective of making high quality PNS, the SDD project management team will continue to provide capacity-building activities for the TWG members.  This will consistently keep them updated of their functions, roles and responsibilities, and refresh them of the basic principles and processes in the field of standards development.  ###

Figure 1. Orientation Seminar for the Technical Working Group (TWG) Members involved in the Development of BAFS Philippine National Standards (PNS) via online platform Cisco Webex

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