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DA - BAFS and DTI-BPS Strengthens Collaboration on Standards Development

By Camille Baraquiel, Standards Development Division| Feb 10, 2021 | 2837 Views

February 9, 2021.  With the main objective of strengthening coordination and referral between Standards Development Organizations (SDO) in the Philippines, the Bureau spearheaded a meeting with the Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) to discuss its current work on the development of Philippine National Standards. The meeting was held online on February 1, 2021 and was participated by Mr. Mario Guadiano, Ms. Myra Magabilin, Ms. Ann Fernando, Ms. Pauline Pimentel and Ms. Janeth Mabaylan of DTI-BPS and Assistant Director Ms. Mary Grace Mandigma, Ms. Karen Kristine Roscom, Ms. Farlash Pancho and Ms. Camille Baraquiel of BAFS.

The discussion was guided by the mandates provided by relevant laws.

Laws and Issuances



 Republic Act No. 7394 (Consumer Act of the Philippines of   1992)

 Development of standards for fresh and primary   processed products


 Republic Act No. 8435 (Agriculture and Fisheries   Modernization Act of 1997)

 Development of standards for primary, and postharvest   agriculture and  fishery products

 Development of standards for other non-food processed     products (e.g. textiles)

 Republic Act No. 10068 as amended by RA No. 11511   (Organic Agriculture  Act of 2010) 1. Development of organic agriculture standard
    including organic fiber
 2. Registration of organic producers and products
 3. Accreditation of organic certifying bodies

 1. Development of standards for organic textiles
 2. Business name registration related to organic

 Republic Act No. 10601 (Agriculture and Fisheries   Mechanization Act of 2013)

 Development of standards for agriculture and fishery machinery,   tools, and equipment


 Republic Act No. 10611 (Food Safety Act of 2013)

 Development of food safety standards for primary and   postharvest foods, including organic agriculture


 Republic Act No. 10817 (Philippine Halal Export   Development and Promotion Act of 2016)

 Development of standards for Halal agriculture and fishery   primary and postharvest foods

 Development of Halal standards for nonfood products aside   from drugs and cosmetics.

BAFS is set to discuss with the Department of Health – Food and Drug Administration (DOH-FDA) on the development of standards related to food and food products. BAFS will also initiate a meeting with other Department of Agriculture (DA) agencies on mandates regarding standards development.  ###

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