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Coronang Tinik: Estado mong Malupit

By Rio Angelo Canaria, Administrative Support Services| Dec 22, 2020 | 2221 Views

December 4, 2020.  The Covid-19 pandemic has brought anxiety to a lot of people in the country and maintaining a healthy mind through seminars or talks helps in coping with the situation.  And as part of the 22nd Anniversary Celebration, the Bureau conducted a webinar on psychological health entitled “Coronang Tinik: Estado Mong Malupit, Keeping a Healthy Mind in Times of a Pandemic” with Riyan A. Portuguez, RPsy, “Your Millenial Psychologist”, as the guest speaker.  The activity was conducted in compliance with Republic Act 11036, Sec. 26-27 or Mental Health Act where mental health promotion, capacity-building, reorientation, and training are deemed necessary especially for the workplace.

The webinar was attended by BAFS employees and was live-streamed via BAFS’ Facebook page for the followers and sharers to view as well.  The webinar was hosted by Ms. Chin Flores and was formally opened by Ms. Daisy E. Melegrito, Administrative Officer V of the Bureau.  The total number of registered attendees was 77 and the number of viewers as of date is 1,400.

Ms. Portuguez discussed the importance of mental health not only in the workplace but also at home especially during this time of pandemic.  The speaker talked about resilience, self-love, and always looking at the positive side of things which she says is very important in keeping up with a sound mental health. There was much interaction between the speaker and the attendees as there were exercises to measure the attendees’ mental health.  Ms. Portuguez’ cheerful demeanor was immediately felt, showering a positive atmosphere to the viewers. She ended her presentation with a quote, “There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.”

Shortly after, a Q&A portion was conducted with the help of Ms. Chin Flores and Mr. Angelo Canaria as moderators.  The audience asked various questions about mental health and its implications personally, with the family, and in the workplace.  The viewers were given advice on how to deal with mental stress, loss of a loved one, workplace-related mental health issues, etc.  The webinar ended with Assistant Director, Ms. Mary Grace R. Mandigma, delivering the closing remarks and thanking the speaker for her wonderful presentation. ###

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