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BAFS spearheads FDG for the development of PNS for Cage-free Egg Production

By Camille B. Baraquiel & Aljon S. Reyes, Standards Development Division| Dec 22, 2020 | 3210 Views

December 11, 2020.  The Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards (BAFS) together with the Technical Working Group (TWG) conducted a series of Field Data Gathering (FDG) at a breeder farm in Baras, Rizal, and a cage-free egg production farm in Capas, Tarlac on December 9 and 11, 2020. Technical and commercial information as well as the farm production practices were gathered to substantiate the provisions of the standard. The FDG team is composed of the BAFS Project Managers: Ms. Camille B. Baraquiel, Mr. Aljon Reyes, and Mr. Jan Vincent Tecson; and representatives of the TWG: Dr. Erwin Joseph Cruz and Atty. Heidi Caguioa. 

The draft Philippine National Standard (PNS) for Cage-free Egg Production covers the minimum requirements including the harvesting and marketing of eggs labeled as cage-free eggs, and applies to both commercial and backyard production. 

The FDG has two parts: interview and farm observation. Farm owners were asked about their farm production practices, while observing the actual free-range setup. In the areas visited, it was observed that chickens roam freely which allows them to express their natural behavior. They are housed in an enclosed area with easy access to food and water, as well as provision of nesting space for them to lay their eggs. 

The development of standard for cage-free egg production systems aim to promote improved levels of animal welfare by giving hens better lives than those confined in battery cages. This egg production system is suitable for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).













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