BAFS Issues Technical Bulletin for Melanosis in Shrimps/Prawns

BAFS Issues Technical Bulletin for Melanosis in Shrimps/Prawns

August 17, 2021. Shrimps and prawns with melanosis or naturally-occurring blackspots do not pose food safety hazards to consumers. This, however, has a negative impact on its perceived quality, resulting in a decrease in market value, and on the income of fisherfolk.

To address this quality-related issue, the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards (BAFS), through the Technical Services Division (TSD), developed the Technical Bulletin (TB) for Melanosis in Shrimp as part of its annual publication. The document is also anchored on specific provisions of the Philippine National Standards (PNS) on Quick frozen shrimps and prawns (PNS/BAFPS 70:2008).

The TB provides information on the general description of the melanosis in shrimps/prawns, factors influencing the rate of melanosis, its adverse health effect in humans, and the mitigation measures-non-chemical methods and chemical methods to prevent its occurrence.

Alternatives for inorganic chemical additives are also included in the TB due to the rising demand for sulfite-free products. Sulfites and its derivatives can be an irritant and can cause health problems for some consumers, especially those suffering from asthma or deficiencies of sulfite oxidase.

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