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Spot defects and minimize histamine formation on fishery products

By Katrina Maminta, Technical Services Division| Jun 19, 2023 | 371 Views

June 14, 2023. The DA-Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards (BAFS) is pleased to announce the release of two informative posters featuring key provisions of Philippine National Standards (PNS) on Dried Anchovies (PNS/BAFS 176:2016) and PNS Quick Frozen Finfish, Uneviscerated, and Eviscerated - Product Standard (PNS/BAFS 71:2021). The posters highlight the defects of dried anchovies and the importance of proper handling of finfish to control the formation of histamine, which may trigger allergic reaction or cause poisoning.

The release of these posters is in line with the commitment of the DA-BAFS to promote food safety and quality standards for the agricultural and fishery sectors. By providing accessible and informative resources, BAFS aims to empower and support the DA agencies and other relevant stakeholders to enforce the PNS requirements and uphold the highest standards in agriculture and fishery practices, thereby safeguarding public health and enhancing market competitiveness.

Both posters are now available for download on the BAFS website at DA agencies, Local Government Units (LGU), and other relevant  stakeholders may access the digital copies and utilize them for information and educational purposes.

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