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Classifying Allium species: Garlic and Onion

By Abraham Perez III & Brooklyn Flores, Technical Services Division| Jan 03, 2023 | 882 Views

September 1. 2022. Aside from its medicinal properties, members of the Alliaceae family, such as garlic and onion are cultivated mainly for food consumption. To help producers and consumers identify good quality produce,  the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards (DA-BAFS) developed four  posters on Philippine National Standards (PNS) for Fresh Vegetables - Garlic - Grading (PNS/BAFS 51:2021) and Onion - Product Standard - Grading (PNS/BAFS 333:2022).

In 2020, after the issuance of a policy on strengthening the monitoring and evaluation scheme for local production and importation of garlic and onion, then-DA Secretary William D. Dar mentioned that “We should ensure their adequate supply year-round by increasing local production, establishing more storage facilities, and balancing imports during the off-season to attain stable supply and prices.”

To view and download the posters on garlic and onion and other knowledge products, visit the BAFS website at ###

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