Administrative Support Services
Office of the Director

The Office of the Director consists of the Director, the Assistant Director, and the Support Units. It serves as head of the Bureau, and in charged with overseeing the overall implementation and operations of the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards. Pivotal to the successful implementation of its mandates which is to develop and promote standards to ensure food safety, quality, workers' health and welfare, environmental management, and global competitiveness of Philippine agriculture and fishery products and serves as clearinghouse for all communications received from internal and external sources.
The Administrative Support Services (ASS) is responsible for executing a wide-range of administrative services, which support the Bureau’s operations. These services include human resource management, procurement, budget and finance, and general services which are critical to the effective and efficient operation of the Bureau.

Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • The Bureau’s Human Resource Management includes the recruitment, selection, placement and promotion of technically competent workforce that reflects the core values of the Bureau. It also formulates and implements policies on personnel administration, welfare and benefits, learning and development, and rewards and recognition programs.
  • Procurement
  • Ensures that all procurement requirements of the Bureau are delivered. It includes the preparation and implementation of the Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP), processing of requests including the review and recording of its attachments, and processing of payments for all materials and supply requirements of the Bureau.
  • General Services
  • Drivers. Responsible for the timely conveyance of the Bureau’s employees to and from official places of duties and assignments. The drivers also ensures the cleanliness and road worthiness of all BAFS official vehicles. Their duties include the vehicle’s timely registration and renewal of insurance. The Bureau’s drivers also maintains their vehicle records in compliance to the Bureau’s quality management system.
  • Building Maintenance. Performs maintenance & repairs related to buildings, grounds and equipment, in one or more areas such as electrical, plumbing, painting and grounds keeping. Establishes, monitors, and carries out preventative maintenance procedures and schedules for buildings, equipment and grounds. Ensures building and equipment compliance to fire regulations and occupational safety and health hazard policies.
  • Liaison Officers. Ensures the day to day documentary transactions of the Bureau are delivered efficiently. Maintains records of transactions and act as contact point in the delivery of communications to its internal and external clients
  • Budget and Finance
  • Maintains the fiscal stability and economic health of the Bureau. Provides oversight of fiscal management and guidance to those responsible for the Bureau’s day-to-day operations. Maintains and reports records of transactions and ensures the efficient processing of financial documents.
  • The Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Unit formulates the overall long-term program and financial plan of the Bureau; coordinates, consolidates, analyzes & reports all the activities of the Bureau.The Unit also prepares the performance and evaluation reports based on the set targets, plans, programs and activities of the Bureau, including financial accomplishment.
  • The Information and Communication Unit (ICU) is responsible for the development, maintenance and operation of the Bureau’s e-services, which includes external and internal E-Systems that aid the Bureau in efficiently delivering its services. The Unit leads the development of an online registration system for the Bureau's regulatory services and an information management system for all laboratory data. In addition, the ICU is also tasked to disseminate information on the Bureau’s programs, projects and activities. This unit also produces and disseminates media materials that support the mandate of the Bureau regarding standards promotion and organic agriculture
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