Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards

"...ensure consumer safety and promote competitiveness of Philippines agriculture and fishery products."

Laboratory Services Division

The Laboratory Services Division (LSD) is mandated to generate scientific data to support standards development through the following: conduct of risk profiling/assessments, data gathering and analysis, and management of an information system as a tool for standards research.

Development and harmonization/alignment of PNS with regional and international standards (including organic agriculture and Halal) covering the following:
  • Risk Profile and Assessment Development. Profiling and identification of risks in food production chains of primary and post harvest agricultural and fisheries products.
  • Expert Advice Sourcing. Organization of the DA Pool of Scientific Experts (DAPE) and Technical Working Group (TWG) for provision of scientific advice.
  • Data Gathering and Report Generation. Conduct of research in food contaminants, other poisonous and toxic substances in primary and secondary agriculture and fisheries products for sources and levels of risks.
  • Management of Information System for Standards Research. Management of an information system for the collection, repository, processing and reporting of all scientific data in relation to standards development and organic agriculture regulation compliance, including those from the DA laboratories.