Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards

"...ensure consumer safety and promote competitiveness of Philippines agriculture and fishery products."

BAFS Regional Focal Group (RFG) on Standards Promotion and Adoption

Focal Persons for Standards Promotion and Adoption

CAR Ms. Joan D. Bacbac Ms. Aida Y. Pagtan
Region I Ms. Wilhelmina P. Castaneda Ms. Vida C. Cacal
Region II Ms. Rosario U. Paccarangan Mr. Hector U. Tabbun
Region III Mr. Fernando C. Lorenzo Ms. Carmencita S. Nogoy,
Ms. Jennelyn D. Ibale
Region IVA Ms. Editha M. Salvosa Mr. Justine Marco M. Vivas
Region IVB Mr. Celso C. Olido Mr. Ramon M. Policarpio
Region V Ms. Adelina A. Losa Ms. Nancy F. Salvino
Region VI Ms. Maria Teresa Solis Ms. Maricar Tombocon
Region VII Ms. Petronila A. Corpuz Ms. Ligaya A. Ebarita
Region VIII Ms. Brenda J. Pepito Mr. Francisco C. Rosaroso
Region IX Ms. Marissa S. Mohammad Ms. Yvette T. Avellaneda
Region X Mr. Larry Paraluman Ms. Angelilah CT. Cabig
Region XI Ms. Janet F. Dobli Ms. Elizabeth C. Torio
Region XII Esmail M. Intao Mr. Edgar Allan G. Pasaol
Region XIII Ms. Lynn A. Parenas Ms. Emmy Lou T. Presilda

The Focal Persons for Standards Promotion and Adoption are designated from the following divisions: Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD); or Agriculture and Fisheries Information Division (AFID).

The Focal Persons for Standards Promotion and Adoption coordinate, oversee and supervise learning and development activities and field data gathering to support the development of IEC materials, in coordination with BAFS to promote PNS and adopt PNS as regulations by the DA Regulatory Agencies and Local Government Units (LGUs); and provide technical and administrative support to BAFS in the performance of its standard promotion and adoption of functions in the respective regions.