Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards

"...ensure consumer safety and promote competitiveness of Philippines agriculture and fishery products."

BAFS Regional Focal Group (RFG) on Organic Agriculture Regulation

Focal Persons for Organic Agriculture Regulations

CAR Mr. Ruben A. Dulagan Mr. Landes B. Teofilo
Region I Dr. Annie Q. Bares Ms. Maryjoyce C. Aglibao
Region II Ms. Rosemarie 0. Martin Dr. Manuel M. Galang, Jr,
Mr. George Caday
Region III Dr. Xandre D. Baccay Ms. Marilyn G. Velarde ,
Ms. Ma. Corazon Aquino
Region IVA Dr. Linda M. Lucela Mr. Jun D. Villarante
Region IVB Ms. Helen 0. Aceret Mr. Michael Graciano R. Iledan
Region V Ms. Rosita M. Imperial Ms. Helen M. Jovillano
Region VI Dr. Jonic F. Natividad Ms. Virginia Layson
Region VII Dr. Raul D. Migrino Ms. Mae E. Montecillo,
Mr. Daniel C. Ventura, Jr
Region VIII Ms. Veronica J. Berenguer Ms. Marilyn T. Ritaga
Region IX Dr. Victorino Z. Guillermo Ms. Janice C. Legaspi
Region X Mr. Audy M. Maagad Mr. Eduardo N. Pit
Region XI Mr. Martinet J. Roble Ms. Erma T. Mausia
Region XII Dr. John B. Pascual Dr. Neil C. Doton
Region XIII Mr. Johnny M. Concon Dr. Marie Jocelyn C. Santiago

The Focal Persons for Organic Agriculture Regulation are designated from the Regulatory Division.

The Focal Persons for Organic Agriculture Regulation coordinate, oversee and supervise the monitoring of registered organic operators and post market surveillance of produce and products with organic claim, field compliance assessment of on-going approved efficacy trials, inspection of farms as core Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) groups, enquiry point of registration and accredited processes; handling of appeals and complaints relative to the implementation of organic agriculture regulations, technical and administrative support for the implementation of BAFS accreditation, registration, monitoring and enforcement of organic labelling requirements; and conduct of capability-building activities for RFO personnel and stakeholders regarding organic agriculture regulations and related activities