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Technical Services Division

The Technical Services Division is responsible for promoting appropriate food safety and quality Philippine National Standards (PNS) through different platforms such as conduct of seminar orientation, development of explanatory brochures, illustrative guide, and other materials related to research, education and communication. These are ways to increase compliance to standards and ensure consumer safety and protection.

The Division also provides DA regulatory agencies with technical support in drafting technical regulations that formally adopt Philippine National Standards (PNS) as a guide. Doing so ensures that the PNS developed by BAFS are translated into regulations by the DA FSRAs and/or followed by Food Business Operators (FBOs).
  • Responsible for the enforcement of standards of quality in the processing, preservation, packaging, labeling, importation, exportation, distribution and advertising of agriculture and fisheries products.
  • Responsible for the conduct of inspection of processing plants, storage facilities, abattoirs as well as public and private markets to ensure freshness, safety and quality of products.