Pursuant to the Resolution No. 04, Series of 2017 of the National Committee for Official Accreditation of Organic Certifying Bodies (NCOA-OCB), the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines, Inc. (OCCP) is SUSPENDED on the scope for certification of organic soil amendments (i.e. organic fertilizer, organic soil conditioner/compost, microbial inoculant, organic plant supplementeffective 24 March 2017 until 15 August 2017.

As such, OCCP shall NOT be allowed to accept and process new applications for certification of organic soil ammendments. However, OCCP is still enjoined to process on-going (new application/s received prior the effectivity of this suspension) and renewal applications (application/s previously certified by OCCP) for certification of organic soil ammendments. 

Operators of organic soil ammendments with active certification shall not be affected by this suspension. Likewise, certification services for other scopes(i.e. crop production, animal production, processing, and aquaculture.) of OCCP shall not be affected by this  suspension.

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For more details, kindly Download the ncoa-ocb reao 04 s 2017.pdf