Title Date
Submission of Accomplished July to December 2020 Contract of Service Individual Performance Commitment and Review (COSPCR) Forms 27 November 2020
General Cleaning of Office Premises and Its Surrounding Areas 26 November 2020
Guideline on the use of BAFS Office Vehicles 25 November 2020
Rescheduling of 11th BAFS Management Review 18 November 2020
Designation of BAFS Gender and Development (BAFS-GAD) Focal Point Person 17 November 2020
Reiteration of the Minimum Health and Safety Protocols inside the BAFS premises due to COVID-19 10 November 2020
11th BAFS Management Review 9 November 2020
Designation of Ms. Brooklyn S. Flores as Focal Person for the Coordination of the BAFS ISSN ISBN Registry 9 November 2020
Inclusion of the Plant, Plant, Plant Logo of the Department of Agriculture in the BAFS Website Letterhead, ID and Powerpoint Presentations 9 November 2020
Designation of Health and Safety Officer 9 November 2020
Adoption of the Department of Agriculture Administrative Order (AO) No. 35 Series of 2020 , Prescribing the Rules on Work Arrangement at the Department of Agriculture and Attached Agencies and Corporation 6 November 2020
Work Arrangement at the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards Effective November 9, 2020 6 November 2020
Designation of the Officer in Charge at the Office of the Director in his Absence 4 November 2020
Mandatory Compliance to the Official Chain of Command 4 November 2020
Process Flow of all Communication for Approval and Signature of the Director 4 November 2020
Agriculture and Fisheries Sector as Frontliners in Ensuring Food Security of the Country 8 April 2020